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Remembering our Past


To bring people into a covenantal relationship with G-d.
To make תלמידים - Talmidim (disciples) of Yeshua by the power of the רוח הקודש - Ruach HaKodesh.

Mission Statement

We are called by G-d to be conformed to Yeshua in our personal and congregational lives, exhibiting the reconciliation in Messiah of all people, (by) demonstrating the love and faithfulness of G-d.

We fulfill our mission by…

· Raising up תלמידים - Talmidim for service to which each is called,
· Passing on Jewish identity to the next generation. 
· Exhorting believing Gentiles to participate in the life, destiny, and redemption of the House of Israel.

· Providing a Messianic Jewish community that exalts Yeshua as we celebrate G-d’s presence through שבת - Shabbos (Sabbath) and Traditional Jewish holiday observances.
· Exemplifying the Renewed Covenantal truth of Jew and Gentile worshiping together as One New Man.

· Bringing G-d’s people into a place of maturity and chaverut - חברות (fellowship) in congregational life.
· Discipling all people to become more like Yeshua, through:
1. Study of Scripture
2. Prayer
3. Chaverut - חברות (Fellowship).
· Introducing the בשורות - B'soros (Good News) of Yeshua to Jews and Gentiles.
· Encouraging Messianic Jews to be a visible testimony of Yeshua to pre-believing Jewish people.
While Creating Our Jewish Future
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