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Parashot Readings

Parashot for May 4-25, 2024


May 4: Parashat Acharei Mos/Shabbos M’varchim:

Parashah Acharei Mos: Vayik’ra [Leviticus] 17:1-18:30

Maftir: Vayik’ra [Leviticus] 18:26-30

Haftorah: Amos [Amos] 9:7-15

B’rit Chadashah: Lukas 14:1-11


May 11: Parashah K’doshim

Parashah K’doshim: Vayik’ra [Leviticus]  19:1-37

Maftir: Vayik’ra [Leviticus] 19:35-37

Haftorah: Y’chez’keil [Ezekiel] 22:1-19

B’rit Chadashah: Lukas 14:12-24


May 18: Parashah Emor

Parashah Emor: Vayik’ra [Leviticus]  22:17-23:22

Maftir: Vayik’ra [Leviticus] 23:19-22

Haftorah: Y’chez’keil [Ezekiel] 44:15-31

B’rit Chadashah: Lukas 14:25-33


May 25: Parashat B’har

Parashah B’har: Vayik’ra [Leviticus]  25:29-26:2

Maftir: Vayik’ra [Leviticus] 25:55-26:2

Haftorah: Yir’mi’yah [Jeremiah] 32:6-27

B’rit Chadashah: Lukas 16:1-9

Holidays: Yom HaShoah: 5.6.24; Rosh Chodesh Iyar: 5.8-9.24; Yom HaZikaron: (Israeli Recognition day of fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terrorism): 5:13.24; Yom HaAtzmaut (State of Yis’roel declared on 5.14.48): 5.13.24; Pesach Sheni (2nd Passover): 5.22.24; Lag B’Omer 33rd Day of the. Omer: 5.26.24; Memorial Day: 5.27.24; S’firat HaOmer (The Counting of the Omer): 4.23.24-6.11.24.

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